Dunblane Medical Practice

NHS Scotland
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Allied Health Professionals

District Nursing Team

There is a team of community nursing staff based in the Health Centre. They can be contacted on their direct phone number of 822115. The community nursing team are responsible for providing nursing and palliative care to patients who are housebound.

Health Visitors

The health visiting team can be contacted on their direct phone number of 825358. The health visitors provide advice and support to parents are pre-school aged children.

Mental Health Practitioners

Our Mental Health Practitioners provide support for patients with mild to moderate mental health issues in the surgery all day Monday, Thursday & Friday.

Advanced Physio Practitioner

Our Advanced Physio Practitioners provide first line advice and assessments for patients with musculo-skeletal problems, such as back pain, knee pain, etc. Some are also able to provide joint injections. They can arrange x-rays, tests and onward hospital referral, where appropriate. Our APPs all day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning and all day Friday.

CTAC Phlebotomy Service

We are supported by a team of Health Board employed healthcare support workers.
The Clinic days are all day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.